Laa Ba Sa Artinya: Understanding The Meaning Of The Phrase

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For those who are not familiar with the Indonesian language, hearing the phrase “laa ba sa” may sound confusing. In reality, the phrase is a common expression used in the country. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of “laa ba sa” and how it is used in daily conversations.

What Does Laa Ba Sa Mean?

The phrase “laa ba sa” is actually a shortened version of the Arabic phrase “laa ba’sa tahurun in syaa Allah” which translates to “there is no problem, God willing”. In Indonesian, it is commonly used as a response to someone who apologizes or expresses concern.

Usage of Laa Ba Sa in Daily Conversations

Indonesians often use “laa ba sa” as a way to reassure someone that everything is alright. For example, if someone apologizes for being late, the other person may respond with “laa ba sa” to indicate that it is not a problem. It is also used to express optimism and hope for the future.

Additionally, “laa ba sa” can be used in situations where someone is worried or anxious about something. For instance, if someone is nervous about an upcoming exam, a friend may say “laa ba sa” to comfort them and remind them that everything will be fine.

Other Expressions Similar to Laa Ba Sa

There are other expressions in Indonesian that have a similar meaning to “laa ba sa”. For example:

  • “tidak apa-apa” – it’s okay
  • “jangan khawatir” – don’t worry
  • “tenang saja” – just relax

The Importance of Laa Ba Sa in Indonesian Culture

Indonesia is known for its friendly and hospitable culture. The use of “laa ba sa” reflects this cultural trait as it shows that Indonesians are always ready to comfort and reassure others. It also highlights the importance of positivity and optimism in the country.


Overall, “laa ba sa” is a commonly used phrase in Indonesia that carries a positive and reassuring message. It is a reflection of the country’s hospitable and friendly culture, and it is important to understand its meaning and usage in daily conversations.

So, the next time you hear someone say “laa ba sa”, you now know what it means!

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